FREE Olaf Inspired Crochet Doll Pattern

FREE Olaf Inspired Crochet Doll


CARROT NOSE (Use your smaller hook for this)

(Video Tutorial for Carrot Nose)

(This part is a doozy because of the tight stitch space! This is how I made my carrot nose. If you have a less head throbbing method, I would say, go with it!)

  1. Make a magic loop and sc 6 into loop (6)
  2. 1 sc in ea around (6)
  3. 1 sc in ea around (6)
  4. dec, sc in nxt 2 st, dec (4)
  5. FO leaving long tail to weave through to bottom to stitch onto your Olaf doll.

FO and shape nose as best as you can into carrot shape, don’t stuff.


(Video Tutorial for Hair)

This part is pretty simple. You are only going to need your brown thread and blunt needle. You will weave your hair in the top of your head, tying it together to hold it in place. Follow video tutorial above, for more specific information.



(Video Tutorial for Eyebrows) 

For the eyebrows, what I have done here is, with blunt needle and brown yarn, I go in at the hair line with the needle, coming out in the stitch I want to begin my eyebrow, I create my 1st eyebrow then coming in with my needle at the starting position of my 2nd eyebrow. When finished stitching my eyebrows, I come up through the hairline to finish off.

It is much easier to show this method than to explain in writing, so feel free to check out my video tutorial above!


(Video Walkthrough for the Crocheted add-ons)



Use G or F hook here: If you wish to crochet your eyes, it is this simple!

With your white yarn, make your magic circle, work 4 sc into the circle, join.

With your black yarn, stitch your black into the white to create the black of eye, OR, cut out a small round piece of black felt & with black thread and needle, tack in place in center of white of eye, or wherever you’d like to place it.



Use a G or F hook here: Ch2, in 2nd ch from hook, work the following stitches:

1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 2 treb crochet, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc, fo & stitch to face just below the top lip, forming mouth as you stitch in place.



With your D hook, ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and remaining 3 ch (4), ch1, sc in ea st across, FO

NOTE: For the mouth to work out right crocheted, you will need to use a smaller hook. I am using a D hook for my teeth, when I used a G hook for my mouth.


If choosing to make and sew each segment of Olaf separately, you will make your feet as noted in pattern, make your lower body segment, also as noted in pattern, but after row 20 in LOWER BODY SEGMENT, you will add this next step:

  • Decrease over nxt 2 sc around (6) Finish off leaving a tail to attach to upper body. Stuff & set aside.

FOR UPPER BODY SEGMENT, you will start this segment with:

Magic loop & sc 6 into loop (6) (Do not join at the end of each row.)

Increase by 2 sc in ea sc around (12)

Next you will pick up from round 1 of the pattern for this section. After row 12, you will continue on with the following:

  • Sew on embellishment, create arms, as noted in pattern (SEE VIDEO FOR OLAF ARMS). Stuff, finish off & set aside.

For the HEAD section, you can simply begin with a magic loop working 8 sc into the loop, and then continue on with row 1 in the pattern.

Some people may prefer this method to avoid the bulk of the rest of the project getting in the way.

If you choose to work this project in segments, you will just finish off each segment, stuffing each piece separately, and then sew together in the end.


(Important Term of Use Note)

This pattern was created by Colleen Hays aka Chaysie Crochet on along with at and is being offered free to the public for creation purposes. Selling this pattern is strictly prohibited, however, selling the creation made from this pattern is fine. On another note, there was a lot of time and effort that went into creating this pattern to make available free to the public. Altering this pattern for distribution purposes is strictly prohibited. (NOTE: We have no affiliation whatsoever to the Disney Company, affiliates of or anything related.

If you plan on offering this pattern to your group or members, please link directly to your choice of the following listed sites:

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