FREE Easter Jelly Bean Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

Easter Jelly Bean Pursket & Egg Hunt Bag


I made this fun springy candle holder with this pattern, however, for the yarn, I used a chunkier Bernat brand, softee chunkee in white, LionBrand Pittsburgh Yellow & LionBrand Monterey Lime.

You will work everything the same as the above basket pattern but it is a little tougher with the chunky yarn so get those muscles ready! And, make sure you keep your candle close so you don’t over do it on the sizing.



Another little cutie, this Valentine’s Day or ‘Made with Love’ treat bag! You can make these up fast, it would be perfect for just a little Valentine’s Day treat for your own kids, or if you are one of those kinds of moms… LOL… You know who you are! You might go crazy and make one of these for each of your child’s classmates!

This one I worked only 3 rows for my bottom flat, and I took a rubber band in the end and worked single crochets around the rubber band in the top of the bag. The band was a little bigger than I needed, so I would need to get some smaller bands to close it off better, but I LOVE how it turned out otherwise!



Throw a few Hershey’s kisses in there and voila!


I guess what I’m trying to say here is, this pattern works up really quick. So you can make just about any kind of bag, big or small, you can even work more in basket fashion by increasing your netted section as you move up your basket to make it look more basket-like.

So many things to do… so little time!!!


Thank you so much for joining me for this pattern, again, I would LOVE to see your final basket/pursket/hunter bag creations & whatever fun twists you added to yours!

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Have a wonderful day!!



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