FREE Mr. Grinch Inspired Doll Crochet Pattern

To make the stance (as seen in picture at top of page) I simply bent the Grinch’s arms at the halfway point, then tacked the hand in the middle of the hand to the body with yarn and needle. You can leave them straight as well if you wish. I just bent the knees for his photo shoot, those too can be left straight if you wish. =)

Eyes  (Make 2) (Switch to D hook) (Using yellow yarn)

  1. CH 5, sc into 2nd ch from hook & then the 3rd and 4th chain as well. Work 4 HDC into last chain which will bring you around to the other side of the foundation ch. (See diagram below.)
  2. SC into next 3 ch, slip st into beginning st.


Finish off leaving long enough tail to attach eye to face. With black yarn and blunt needle, stitch a horseshoe or U shape into eye as shown in picture, or a simple round if you like. After sewing the eye on the body, take a small piece of black yarn, maybe 2” and pull it through the outer corner of the eyes at the ½ way mark of your yarn. Secure with a knot & unravel it to make lashes Cut off excess.

Neck Piece (Green & small amount of Black yarn) (G hook)

Note: The reason this is made detachable is if it possibly ends up in a toddlers hands. The neck piece is unraveled yarn secured to a crocheted band. (See image 3 below)


  1. CH 20-25, long enough to wrap around neck and attach button to one side of band.
  2. SC in 2nd ch from hook and every ch following.
  3. In last chain, work your sc, then follow that with a slip stitch in same chain, leave small tail.

You will take the starting tail and the end tail and knot them together as the loop for your button, cut off any excess yarn. (See image 1 below)

  1. Leaving room for a button, take a long strand of yarn, you can work maybe 25” at a time until finished to make it easier.
  2. Thread your needle with the green yarn, and using your thumb as a guide, loop your, maybe 3” – 3 loop clusters into every other top stitch on neck band. (See image 2 below) (Video available for looping & tassle part of neckband).
  3. After each 3 loop cluster, cut one piece of black yarn the same length as loop and tie it into that cluster with the green. Wrap your green yarn around the base of the cluster & secure it to somewhat separate your clusters. (This is all shown in video.) (See finished neckband photo #3 below)
  4. After completing all of your clusters, across the top of the band, you will start unraveling each strand of yarn. (Might be a good project for movie time! Ugh.)

Best method to unravel yarn without fraying!! Take a strand of the yarn, twist it until all of the fine strands are straight, not spiraled. Take your blunt needle and start separating the fine strands. Yes, it is long, boring and annoying! (Also shown in video above =))




Detachable neckpiece

From this point, the only thing left to do is your face! You will just use the black yarn to stitch on your nose, eyebrows & mouth.

You are finished!

Would love to see your finished Grinch doll at

If you have any questions or need any help with this project, please stop by the above link and join the discussion!

We have an amazing group of people at YarnWars, everyone is very helpful and kind. We’d love to see you there!


Learn different crochet techniques along with other complete walkthrough video tutorials at Chaysie Crochet on YouTube!

Thank you so much for your interest in my pattern!

Always more to come!


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